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  • These joints are often used in sets of two or three in order to absorb pipe movement in one or more directions.  A hinge joint permits larger lateral movements to be absorbed with minimal anchor forces in a single plane piping system.
  • These rotated structures designed to prevent the pipe distortion due to excessive heating expansion. Also, they are very suitable for eliminating angular movement in a piping system from the earthquake.
  • Universal Expansion Joints / Isolation Layer Type expansion joints consist of a single bellow and a pair of hinges which is attached by flanges as ends, and a pair of pins as the axis absorbs angular rotation in the specific plane only while expansion and contraction action.
  • Universal Expansion Joint SF-800 piping expansion joint consists of two bellows with flanges as the connection element, a middle cylinder and four external limit rods. Bellows and a cylinder are made of stainless steel via convolution welding in longitudinal direction.

Engineering Performance
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Universal Expansion Joint SF-800's specific feature is the absorption of piping lateral movement. It is suitable for the applications in building expansion (movement) joints or isolation layers in structures as piping gap compensation.